McDougall offers a helping hand for Habitat

By Emily Mountney-Lessard, The Intelligencer Friday, November 4, 2016

Emily Mountney-Lessard/The Intelligencer Staff from McDougall Insurance present Habitat for Humanity executive director Bob Clute with a $15,000 cheque on Friday in Trenton.

A large donation by a local insurance business is assisting families in need of affordable housing.

On Friday, staff members from McDougall Insurance presented a cheque to Habitat for Humanity executive director Bob Clute at the site of Habitat’s current home build in Trenton.

Caley Weese, marketing and executive assistant to the company’s president, said the company has made financial donation of $25,000 – with $15 of that being presented Friday for the Trenton build.

“We’ve been part of Habitat for Humanity for a few years now, but in a big way in the last two years,” said Weese.

Also on Friday, McDougall staff from various offices spent the day on the build site – 143 Bay St. – working on the home’s basement. The main floor framing of the home is complete and the roof is in progress.

“We also like to get our hands dirty and be part of it in that way too so it means something to you once you see the houses once they’re complete. You know that we helped in more ways than one.”

Weese said Habitat for Humanity was chosen as one of the recipients of McDougall funds because the staff enjoy giving back to the community and Habitat offers a way to help families in a tangible way.

“We can actually see the results of that, it’s something that’s just a great cause to be part of.”

Clute said McDougall Insurance has been “front and centre” in a variety of projects across the region, adding the organization is fortunate to have McDougall as a partner.

Aside from the $15,000, another $10,000 has been allocated for a home build in Bancroft that is scheduled to begin next spring.

Clute noted many businesses that donate to Habitat, like McDougall and the QuintEssential Credit Union, do so because they recognize the need for affordable housing.

“We all have our priorities in life and the business community in this area has been hugely generous to a whole host of organizations whether it be mental health, United Way, the hospital or Habitat. The community needs that diversity,” said Clute.

“I can assure you, as a business person, this community is on their game in terms of what they do and McDougall is just a perfect example of that.”