The Importance of Integrity

I have spent almost two years here at Habitat for Humanity Prince Edward Hastings as the Chief Executive Officer. I am often asked what the most important part of the role is on a day-to-day basis. My answer sounds straight forward and cliché, but it’s something I truly believe needs to be at the root of every well run and respected organization.

As CEO, integrity is a critical component to uphold and observe throughout my organization. But what does that mean? How do I assess what integrity is within an organization with so many moving parts?

Whether a volunteer or a functional lead within the affiliate, integrity has many meanings. It’s completing one’s work with pride and attention to detail. Quality work is important to those we serve, whether a client or homeowner, and sends a message that we value them by working with their interests at heart. From a donor perspective, it means providing accurate and current information so that there is confidence in their decision to donate their hard-earned money to our worthwhile community-based charity. Any lapse in integrity can have catastrophic consequences to the future sustainability of any organization that heavily relies on its donors for community success. Even from a customer lens there is a focus on integrity in our pricing. We list our products at the lowest possible price so that we balance revenue needs to support the charity with value for money for customers who shop in our ReStore. This allows us to better support the community by building homes that provide hardworking families a chance at home ownership.

Without integrity as a foundation to everything we do, we would not be able to grow and fulfill our mandate of building much needed homes within our community that addresses the current housing crisis. And most importantly, sustain ourselves in a community where donations are the key to our continued existence.