Partner Family Application – Part Two: Self-Reported Needs Assessment

If you have questions about the application form, please email the Habitat Office at

Please be as detailed as possible when filling out your application. Incomplete applications (including required supporting documents) MAY cause your application to be denied. 

In addition to the questions that will follow, you will be required to upload copies of several documents and statements, regarding each person who will live with the Applicant. 

The following documents MUST be included. You will be asked at the end of this application to upload documents as attachments; so, having them collected and prepared ahead of time will be helpful. 

    Section One



    Section Two
    Occupancy Statement: Please list all family members who would be living with you in the home (other than co-applicant, if applicable,) if you are selected for homeownership. Include each member’s birth date and their relationship to applicant or co-applicant. (Please note that any family member 19 years or older, will be required to submit their financial information.)

    Section Three
    Housing Conditions: Gaining an understanding of your current housing conditions will help HFHPEH complete a Needs Assessment for your family.

    1. Which of the following currently describes your current living situation?

    RentOwnHousingLive with family or friendsTemporary shelterOther please explain

    3. Please select which of the following other rooms you have in your current home.

    KitchenBathroomSecond BathroomLiving RoomDining RoomLaundry RoomMud RoomOther please explain

    10. Do you anticipate any changes in your family size within the next five years? (ex. More children, parents moving in, etc.)

    NoYes please explain

    Section Four

    Considering how your family budget will be impacted by homeownership is important to Habitat for Humanity Prince Edward-Hastings. We want to make sure our homeownership program enables you to build equity. Please complete this family budget.

    • All blanks on this page must be completed. If the blank does not apply, please print N/A (not applicable).
    • For permanent household members* (who are not co-applicants) we need information regarding their length of residence and contributions to the income of the household. Please attach a separate sheet and explain.









    Section Five

    The undersigned declare that the statements made in this application are true and correct.


    The applicant(s) consent to any inquiries by Habitat for Humanity Prince Edward-Hastings as it deems necessary to reach a decision on this application, including contacting references, and the disclosure of any financial information about me/us by any credit reporting agency or by anyone with whom I/we have financial relations.


    The applicant(s) understand it will be necessary (if selected) for representatives of Habitat for Humanity Prince Edward-Hastings to perform a home visit to verify the claims in this application.


    The following documents are required to be uploaded: (must be PDF)

    Birth Certificates or Citizenship papers for each member of your family

    A letter from Applicant (and Co-Applicant)'s current landlord referencing current rent amount, length of tenancy, and if there has been a history of arrears.

    A letter from Applicant (and Co-Applicant)'s current employer referencing: current earnings, length of employment, and status of employment (full- or part-time, permanent, or seasonal contract.

    Financial Information:
    Please note the following documents will be required from the Applicant as well as ANYONE 19+, who is not in a full-time education program, and who would be living in the home.

    2020 & 2021 Notice of Assessments

    T1 if self-employed

    Current paystub

    Statement of disability income (no other social assistance program will be considered as income)

    Proof of child or spousal support (paid or collected)

    Discharge papers if bankruptcy has been declared within the past 10 years

    Criminal records check from Applicant (and Co-Applicant) Find more information here.

    Credit check from Applicant (and Co-Applicant) Find more information here.

    All information is considered confidential and will only be seen by the Family Selection Working Group of HFHPEH.