Restore Policies

2.4.1 Haggling, Negotiating or Bartering

As a general rule, the ReStore price on our merchandise is the set price. Depending on the age of the item, the Floor Supervisor or the Manager may negotiate ticketed prices.

2.5 Payment Methods

Cash, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard) and Interac debit bank cards are acceptable methods of payment. Cheques are not accepted. All Sales are tax exempt.

2.6 Holding Merchandise

An item may be held until 5:00pm as long as the customer agrees to come in prior to the end of the day unless alternate arrangements have been made with a staff member. The item will be returned to the sales floor the next morning if these conditions have not been met.

2.7 Sold Merchandise

Sold items must have a “SOLD” sticker attached to the item as well as a corresponding carbon receipt with the customer’s name, phone number, item and price at the cash register. We retain one copy and the customer has a copy with their till receipt. The item can be picked up with said receipt. The merchandise moved to the storage area at the back of the ReStore if room is available. Sold items will only be held for a minimum of 24 hours unless alternate arrangements have been made with a staff member. The ReStore is not responsible for damage that may occur to items being held for pickup.

2.8 Delivery of Sold Merchandise

The ReStore will deliver products for a fee. A release of liability form must be signed by the purchaser before product will be delivered.

2.9 Merchandise Returns

Instore credits are only given on an individual situation. Credits must be authorized by the ReStore Manager.

2.10 In-Store Credit and Exchanges

Any product may be exchanged if a customer finds it defective. The item must be exchanged for a product of the same price or higher and the customer must pay the difference should the price be higher. If the customer cannot find an appropriate product for an exchange then an instore credit can be issued.

3-PEH-12 Receipting for Gifts In Kind

A charitable receipt will be offered for material or items donated if the total value is $20.00 or more for that donation. Receipts will only be issued when the fair market value (FMV) of the items donated can be accurately determined. It is preferable if the FMV can be determined prior to offering the goods for sale, so that those goods do not have to be tracked until sold. However, where a justifiable FMV of the goods cannot be established, then charitable receipts will be issued only after the item has been sold and for the amount of the actual selling price.