Gratitude in Every Home

Thanksgiving and Community Building

From the Desk of Hazzem Koudsi, CEO of Habitat for Humanity Prince Edward-Hastings.

As Canadians prepare to gather with loved ones, share delicious meals, and reflect on their blessings, Thanksgiving takes on a special significance for those working in the nonprofit world, like Habitat for Humanity Prince Edward-Hastings.

Thanksgiving is more than just a holiday for indulging in turkey and pumpkin pie. It’s a time for Canadians to pause and express gratitude for the abundance in their lives, whether it be the warmth of a loving family, the beauty of nature, or simply having a place to call home.

At Habitat, we recognize that gratitude plays a crucial role in the work we do. Our mission is to advocate for affordable, safe, and decent housing for all Canadians. In the face of housing inequalities and homelessness, we find inspiration in the spirit of Thanksgiving to continue our efforts in making housing a basic human right, available to all.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that thrives on the idea of community and togetherness. Families and friends come together to celebrate and share a meal, reinforcing the bonds that tie them together.  We believe that housing is not just about having a roof over one’s head; it’s about creating a safe and supportive community where individuals and families can thrive. Thanksgiving reminds us of the importance of this communal aspect in housing, as it is the strength of our communities that can help individuals overcome adversity.

One of the core values of Thanksgiving is the act of giving back. It’s a time when people come together to donate food, volunteer at shelters, or support various charities.  It is an opportunity for us to encourage people to extend their generosity to those who need it the most and serves as a poignant reminder of the values that guide our work at Habitat for Humanity.  It inspires us to reflect on gratitude, the importance of community, and the act of giving back, all of which are integral in our mission to ensure housing equality for all Canadians.  As we celebrate Thanksgiving, let us also remember those who are less fortunate and continue working towards a future where every Canadian has a safe and decent place to call home. In the spirit of the holiday, let us come together, express our gratitude, and work towards a brighter future for all. Happy Thanksgiving!

Please visit Habitat for Humanity Prince Edward Hastings website to give something back to the community as a show of gratitude for the good fortune we do have.

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